Some services charge additional fees

Some services charge additional fees

When we pay for a service, we must bear in mind that in some cases we may be charged a fee that represents an extra amount that has not been included in the payment for that service. These additional charges come with many names, such as fees, commissions, penalties or fines. Common types of fees include: registration fee, entrance fee, application fee, management fee, transfer fee, late fee, membership fee, admission fee, processing fee.

Fees may apply when customers request services that are out of the regular pattern established by the company offering the service. For example, when traveling, airlines often allow passengers to carry one suitcase, but they charge an extra amount for any additional luggage.

Other examples are internet services or mobile phones, which commonly charge a fee for early cancellation of the contract. Or banks that charge customers for various services such as the use of ATMs or for having an account balance below the required limit.

These additional charges are often criticized because they are excessive to consumers and because companies do not provide such information in advance when customers hire a service. Therefore, we should always ask about additional fees and be very attentive when hiring a service.

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