Save The Elephant Day

Save The Elephant Day

Elephants are in trouble and they need our help.

The population of elephants has declined more than 60% in recent years and they may become extinct in the next decade. Around 100 African elephants die every day from poachers looking for ivory and parts of their bodies, leaving an increasing number of orphaned baby elephants.

Asian elephants, in addition to being victims of poachers, suffer a serious loss of habitat due to the destruction of forests by big industries. Baby elephants are also captured and trained to perform entertainment acts in touristic parks and circuses. These elephants are often mistreated and forced to live their entire lives alone and in poor conditions.

Elephants do not enjoy life alone, they like to live with their families, travel long roads and help each other as a group. They are also very intelligent because they have the largest brain of any terrestrial animal, they are very sensitive, empathic and an important species to maintain the ecosystem. But we are risking their future and they need the help of each one of us in order to survive.

Take this day to show your love and support for these amazing animals and raise awareness about the threats to their future.

Support organizations dedicated to the conservation of elephants.

Stay away from places that exploit elephants for entertainment.

Do not buy products made of ivory or other parts of animals.

Remember to be a responsible consumer and use your money in activities that do not abuse animals.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. Dr. Seuss – The Lorax.

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