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Squirrels know a lot about finances. 

Hello! I am Gardy, the only purple squirrel expert in finance and I want to share with you all my knowledge for a responsible use of money.

Savings, work, investment – we are experts in all financial matters.

Squirrels know a lot about these issues because we practice them every day in the activities we do. We are hardworking because we know that all our efforts will bring us much rewards later on; we are wise savers because when the fall season arrives we use our time to collect as many acorns as we can. We keep them in secret places and, when winter comes and there is not much food in the forest, we can have food for each day. We are also very good at investing our resources since part of the acorns and seeds that we collect and hide, we do not use as food but leave them buried so that strong trees can grow and give us more food in the future.


As you can seen, learning about finances is very fun and provides us with all the necessary tools to lead a comfortable life, safe and free from worries about money.

I invite you to join us in learning the wonderful world of finances and enjoy great adventures full of knowledge and fun with all the little squirrels of the forest.

We have a lot of information in the following financial topics:

Money, financial entities, spending and saving, credit and debt, employment and income, investing, risk and insurance, financial decision making.


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