Meet our team of squirrels

We are Specialists in Finance!

Financial Education
for a bright future

All the information about the fascinating world of finance, presented by a wonderful team of squirrels specialists in different topics. All the extraordinary little squirrels of this team have a great passion for what they do and want to share their knowledge with you so that you can lead a fabulous financial life.


Gardy Woods

Specialist in Finance

The only purple squirrel expert in finance and savings that will teach you everything you need to know about good money management.


Miner Hills

Specialist in Art

A very creative squirrel with a huge imagination that will help you splash your financial life with color.

Athena Prairie

Specialist in General Knowledge

An intellectual squirrel that will share with you all the knowledge acquired in life so that you can have a bright financial future.

Turbix Maple

Specialist in Sports

An energetic squirrel that will help you participate in great family activities where you can practice Finances for Squirrels.

Balamy Oaks

Specialist in Recycling

A responsible squirrel that will help you take care of the planet and give a new use to all the material you have ready to be recycled.

Tukur Itzam

Specialist in Moral Values

A wise owl who will share with you wonderful advice and help you make positive decisions that will lead you to have a life of balance and harmony.