Ecolones: the ecological currency

Ecolones: the ecological currency

Costa Rica has created the first virtual ecological currency which rewards commitment to recycling and responsible consumption. Yes, your garbage is valuable and can help you get new products and services.

People can receive this ecocurrency in exchange for recyclable materials such as plastic, glass, aluminum. By taking these materials to an authorized collection center, the managers assign the corresponding ecolones to your virtual wallet. With this currency you can get discounts on different products and buy at restaurants and stores affiliated with this program. For example, you can buy organic ice cream, books or art classes.

This ecocurrency generates positive actions and favors many individuals in society, aside from helping the planet through recycling, it also benefits the pocket of environmentally friendly people by receiving discounts on various products, it increases sales of companies that offer sustainable products, and recycling companies receive more valuable material.

Remember that reusing, reducing and recycling is everyone’s responsibility and with healthy habits we can improve our environment.

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