Help with optimism

Help with optimism

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and his wife Melinda have a foundation dedicated to helping those in need, especially in the areas of health and education.

Recently they have published the tenth annual letter of their foundation in which they present their perspectives on the world and the advances they have had with their charitable work. In this letter, the Gates family shows us that in spite of the negative news that travel around the world, we have many reasons to be optimistic about the future, since according to their data and experience in charity, now people are more healthy, extreme poverty has decreased by almost half and more girls and boys attend school.


Optimism is a great value that we must cultivate because it fills us with motivation and strength to fight for our dreams. It helps us find new solutions to problems and work for improvement. Being an optimist is not about smiling and ignoring the bad things that are happening in today’s world. It is about understanding that life can improve, having confidence that people have the interest and potential to create solutions. Although we still see a lot of disease and poverty in various regions, we must also learn to be positive and see the best of humanity. There are scientists who are inventing cutting-edge tools to cure diseases, and many brave and brilliant people around the world who are imagining new ways to improve their communities.

We can all do something to contribute to the world, so let’s use our talents to help improve life. There is still much to be done, but we can be sure that our good actions count for something positive and can help make this a better world.


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