I can work to earn money

I can work to earn money

As we have previously learned, people can earn money by working, but it is not necessary to wait until we are adults to be productive and strive to earn our own money. Girls and boys can also receive money for doing special tasks at home.

By being members of a family, we are part of a team. And all family members have responsibilities within the group to help keep our home clean and organized. For example, being responsible for cleaning our room, making our bed, washing the dishes. All these tasks that we do every day are part of our family cooperation.


But in order to earn money, we must perform tasks that go beyond the usual, jobs that require a little more time and that are not assigned to someone in the family. For example, organize the food pantry, clean the windows, wax the floor.

To earn a little money, we encourage you to identify something that needs attention around your house, think of some task you can do to help improve it, and then talk with mom and dad to agree on a payment for your work.

Try it! Earning money can be very creative and fun, plus it will give you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness for having done something positive for the welfare of your family.


Remember: before doing any task, talk with mom and dad, and agree on a price for your work.

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