Earth Hour: turn off the lights

Earth Hour: turn off the lights

Earth Hour was born 11 years ago in Australia to make people become aware of climate change and the damage we are causing nature, and now is one of the largest movements in favor of environmental conservation. The Earth has a great variety of life, but it continues to diminish every year due to climate change and the abuse on natural resources. The consequences can be seen and felt everywhere around us. We are experiencing the warmest time in history, with long droughts and extreme natural phenomena more and more frequent.

Most of the resources we use come from the environment, so we must be more responsible with our actions and take necessary measures to protect the world around us and help preserve wildlife and their habitats. Either through recycling or the reduction of waste to decrease methane emissions, we must all be part of the solution.

Earth Hour is an opportunity to support the conservation of the environment, but it should not be left here, we must adopt good habits that promote a sustainable lifestyle, and the conservation of our forests, seas and natural resources.

A good habit that you can take in your life is to reduce the use of electricity and by doing this you will also save a lot of money.

Turn off the lights you’re not using: two 100-watt incandescent bulbs turned off for two hours a day could save you $ 10 in a year.

Use the sunlight: opening the curtains and using the light coming in through the window can eliminate the need to light a 60-watt bulb for several hours a week, which could save you $ 9 in a year.

Take shorter showers: hot water is very comfortable but also very expensive. If you reduce your shower time by two minutes each day, you could save $ 30 in a year.

Disconnect electronics you are not using: the power consumption in standby mode can represent 10% of the annual electricity consumption of a home. So disconnect the electronics that you are not using and save up to $ 45 a year.

Hang dry your clothes: if you avoid using the dryer and use the clothesline instead, you could save $ 45 a year.

Use these saving habits every day and help save the planet. And remember, Earth Hour will be held this Saturday, March 24 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Turn off the lights and help protect the environment!

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